Unique Virgos – A hidden code about Virgos decoded from the ancient text of Rigveda

• Why Your Virgo Friend can be the best problem solver-Vedic Astrology

• Hidden Secrets about Virgo Directly from the Ancient Text of Rig Veda

Have you ever seen your Virgo friends -shy or confident- coming to the front line whenever there is a problem? They listen to you and give the best advice?

Yes? It is because that’s in their nature. No matter how hard-headed they get, they always want to help.
The old manuscripts of Rig Veda define Virgos as Logical, Intelligent and Detailed Oriented.
In Sanskrit, Virgo is called Kanya-a Young shy and timid but assertive girl.

There are multiple types of Virgos depending upon the rulers of the constellation such as sun or moon. That is why your one Virgo friend is different from the other. 

We have conducted a detailed research Within rigveda and it’s sub – texts and grouped together the different forms of virgo energy that exists within the cosmic level.

Knowing your right level of virgo energy, helps you realize your strengths and  weakness and how to take advantage of the same and thus, to stand apart from the crowd, as a winner!

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You don’t wish to spend your whole life regretting the decisions you made when your best version was within you the whole time, do you?
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