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Aliens on earth – the mystery lies within

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Year – 1977.

Age – 23 years old.

I was an airforce NCO stationed in rural Missouri. In the 2nd day after we were stationed, me and one of my friend planned a 2-day wilderness campaign to devil dens in NE Arkansas. 

We were about to kill the campfire and head back to the tent when my friend noticed three bright stars low on the western horizon. They were bright and formed a tight triangle. 

We were arguing about what it could be when it moved. It rotated as if on an axis and began an ascent into the night sky. It was a crystal clear night with a billion stars. As this triangle climbed higher it grew in size.

 The area inside the triangle was jet black. Much darker than the surrounding night sky. As it passed over a field of stars they would blink out and then blink back again when it had passed.

We were not the least bit frightened. I recall a sense of calm washed over us. It was almost like sedation. 

We were camping on a summit in a meadow and this thing was headed in our direction. In a short while, it was directly over our heads. It was enormous. It was a city block long on all three sides and five stories tall, as large as an office building. There were light panels on each point that ran from top to bottom. There were hundreds of windows and about a third of them were brightly illuminated. 

We could see movement and shadows behind. It stopped and hovered in mid-air 30 feet off of the meadow floor. There are gaps in my memory and it doesn’t play out in my mind as a seamless narrative but rather diced up into vignettes of memories.

aliens on earth - real life proof
drawing made by the author. source –

We were onboard this enormous spacecraft and standing frozen. All I could move was my eyes. There were smaller grey beings herding us about. I saw a taller grey entity about six feet tall. He was humanoid shaped and seemed to be in charge of things.

 As I strained my eyes hard left, he turned his head to the right and we locked eyes. In a millisecond I felt it was scanning me. I felt naked. It was like it knew all of my thoughts, plans and memories. Behind his eyes, I could perceive nothing except intelligence. This thing was raw intellect.

 I was in no position or state of mind to engage it in dialogue. It was absolutely terrifying. So much so that 40 years on I still wake up screaming once or twice a year.

We were transported back to our tent. We lay there watching this thing, afraid to move. It lifted off about like a hot air balloon and went straight up. We were too scared to leave the tent until it had been gone for a half-hour.

I left the Air Force and completed college and law school. I made my living in the law. I kept this as a secret for 40+ years. 

This is an excerpt from a book written by terry Lovelace in his book “incidents at devil den

aliens on earth - the sirius mystery, dogon tribe
incident at devils den – a true story of alien encounter

The story is based on an incident that occurred in his life and it is 100% true.  you could buy the book from Amazon – click here


Well, now you know that this post talks about the existence of aliens on our planet. 

But hold on, not only are we going to prove alien existence on earth but, we’re also going deep into unravelling the truth behind alien existence on earth.

aliens on earth - proof for alien existence on earth
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

I know, there must be so many questions going on in your mind right now.

What do they want from us?

Is their intelligence level higher than us?

Is all of this alien thing a hoax? If not, is there any real-time proof that authenticates their existence?

And the most important one,

Why are they here?

aliens on earth - it's a fact!
why are they here?

Well, you’ll find answers to all of those questions in detail in this post. But the key to all of these question lies somewhere in the middle of this post. So don’t miss any subsections below.

Before we jump into our answers, we need to turn back a few pages of our world history and peep into the past.

Long lost secrets await you to be discovered. Sit back and unravel it all!


Well, even though the story we mentioned above is 100% true, it isn’t something that would totally validate extraterrestrial existence right? 

We, humans, are like that, we need solid evidence to validate a statement.

In the case of alien life on earth, we partially believe they exist on the basis of the claims made by few who have seen it. (that’s what they say.)

But do we really know? Why can’t all those pictures of ufo sightings be fake?

Made by someone to fool the entire bunch of people who wants to believe that aliens are real?

Well, you may think – 

aliens on earth - it's not just possible, they were here.
yeah, it is possible.

Isn’t it?

Well, not really. Pictures and videos of ufo & alien sightings may be a hoax shared by some prankster. But, the fact that these foreign entities did exist and at some point over the course of their existence contributed to mankind in one or other form is not a joke.

It’s a fact. If you dived into the right paths of history, you would’ve known it too. 

So here are 2 major historical proof that validates the concept of “Alien existence on our planet!”


Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky which is at a distance of 8.7 light-years away from earth. It has a white dwarf star as a companion, which is known as Sirius-B. 

aliens on earth - the dogon tribe and sirius mystery
  An X-ray image of the Sirius star system 

Sirius-B cannot be seen with naked eyes. Astronomers first guessed it’s existence in the 1830s. In 1894, some irregularities in the movement of Sirius-B made astronomers predict the existence of another dwarf star orbiting Sirius A.

Well, we humans are intelligent and we constantly make new discoveries about the world beyond us. It’s pretty common, right?

But, what if i tell you an ethnic group living in the central plateau of western Africa accurately predicted all these facts 250 years before the western astronomers began contemplating it?


aliens on earth - the dogon tribe
The Dogon men in their traditional folklore dancing attire.

Dear friends, meet the ethnic group of dogon.

aliens on earth - the dogon tribe
   the dogon tribe   
A Dogon village.
dogon village

They allegedly stated that Sirius is a 3-star system, that it has a 50-year orbital period, moves around Sirius A in an elliptical path and is made of substances that are not found on earth!

This is serious.

 they knew all of these 500 years ago without the use of any sorts of astronomical instruments, without any formal knowledge of the star systems or astronomy in general.

The awe factor doesn’t end with that. They knew that the earth was round, that it rotates around its own axis which further revolves around the sun along with other planets. They also knew that Saturn has a ring and Jupiter has four moons. 

They even made statements about the creation of the universe which were similar to the big bang theory and also claimed to know a great deal about subatomic particles.

Do you wanna know more about the deepest secrets of the universe? check this out.

5 dark secrets of the universe that no one will ever tell you about. (it’s a read, only for the hardcore astrophiles)

I know we all would be like “how on earth did these tribal people know a great deal about astrophysics and molecular concepts?”

aliens on earth - they were here
like how?

Well, many people from the ancient scientific community couldn’t agree that the dogons observed Sirius-B. They believed that the only way they could have predicted the existence of the dwarf star was if it was a red giant for a few thousand years ago. 

Then everyone would have seen both Sirius A and Sirius B.

But again the problem with this possibility is that Sirius-B has been a white dwarf for more than 10000 years. 

So even If Sirius B had been a red giant only a few thousand years ago, there would still be a bright and noticeable planetary nebula around it today. No such nebula is seen.

And the most obvious thing here that supports the claims of the dogon tribe is that even if Sirius B was a red giant only for a few thousand years ago, how would they still be able to know that Sirius B was still thereafter it became a white dwarf? 

So that proves the part that they knew it. They never had any sort of help from the western world.

But again, the sole question that remains is,

how did they know it? 

aliens on earth - like how?
like how?

Robert Temple is the famous author of the “Sirius Mystery” which contains his life long research on the Dogon tribe and their knowledge on Sirius. 

In an interview for a tv show called the ”talk psychic”, Temple stated – “If you ask the Dogon, they will tell you, and that’s what nobody else wants to hear. They say that their ancestors were given the information from visitors from the system of the star Sirius.”

Temple said the knowledge of the Sirius system is pervasive in Dogon culture, “embodied in hundreds of thousands of objects, symbols, woven blankets, carved statues, etc.”

Temple’s book also states that centuries ago, an ark descended onto the ground and there were amphibious creatures in it, whom Dogons called by the name Nommo.

the sirius mystery - aliens on earth
the Sirius mystery – Robert temple (an international bestseller)

They taught them everything about their home star – Sirius. 

you can read the book here.

The proof for Nommo’s teachings and existence can be found in the Dogon’s ancient mythological texts and throughout the walls in their holy sanctum.

aliens on earth - the dogon tribe
the door for the holy sanctum wall
aliens on earth - the dogon tribe proof
dogon cave carvings by their ancestors
aliens on earth - the dogon tribe proof
cave carvings showing nommo (aliens)
aliens on earth - the dogon tribe proof
dogons (left) and nommos (right)

Now you tell me, all these stone carvings that they did centuries before, was it all done to mislead or fool us?

For example –

Ancient dogon 1- “hey dude, why don’t we carve some weird, strange alien kind of stuff all over our texts, walls, and sanctum?”

Ancient dogon 2 – “and why exactly are we doing that?”

Ancient dogon 1 – “well, uhh…uhh.. For fun, i guess? See i know it’s pretty useless for us and it’d take a lot of time and work but in the future when people visit this place and see such ancient carvings for themselves, those fools would  probably stay dumbstruck wondering what on earth is this thing?”

“Won’t that be cool?”

Ancient dogon 2 – “you know what bruh? You seriously need to visit a therapist!”

Dear friends, that wasn’t a joke. This is the only possible explanation for why their ancestors made such alien carvings all over their place if they never really met and interacted with those extraterrestrial beings from Sirius star system.

The other reason could be that they all were totally insane, which we know they are not. 

So is the first explanation true?

 No, it’s not true!

But why?

Because that would be totally absurd!

So it must be true, right?

Yes, it is true!

But still, if it’s true, why exactly would they have chosen the tribal people to teach about their home star and the universe?

What was their intention?

What would they want us to conclude from that?

The secrets await your discovery, keep reading & you shall find it.


aliens on earth - aliens built pyramid

The pyramids stand in perfect alignment with the constellation of Orion. The Great Pyramid location 29.9792 N which is exactly the same as the speed of light – 299, 792 km/sec.

 You should also remember the fact that ancient Egyptians didn’t have a clue about metric systems at that time.

 You might say that this is a coincidence but wait. The height is 146.6 meters. The top is flat which would add 3 meters to the peak. 149.6 million km is the average distance between earth and sun. 

Take the base length, each side is 230.8 meters. If you take two base lengths and divide by the height 146.6 you get Pi (3.142159) even though Pi was discovered in the west 2000 years later.

Now, that’s some cool stuff, ain’t it?

So are you someone who fascinated about the pyramids, just like us?

We did a real deep research into the pyramids focusing mainly on the inside of this structure. 

We were able to collect some mind-blowing facts about the great pyramids that literally made us wonder like – “if not aliens, then who?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ancient-Aliens-1.jpg
spoiler alert ⚠  😲 

Care to unravel those secrets? Click the below link (only for the curious pyramid geeks)


Perform the below action, unlock the content and surprise yourself with a visual treat. Dive deep within the great pyramid of Giza with this eye – gripping 3D model! 😵  (premium model made free exclusively for you!)🤗 


We do realize that this post had been a bit longer but we hope it was worth it. We have compiled 2 main questions that could potentially be lurking around the minds of every astrophile reading this blog post. 

We have tried to answer each question based on our research and also on the basis of popular theories and yeah, our personal opinions too.

If you do have a better answer for any of the questions below, don’t stay silent, show it to our audience through the comment section.

So here we go!


Of course, they are!

When you realize the fact that they existed on this planet, you should also consider peeping behind the scenes.

Yes, they are here because they achieved interstellar travel.

aliens on earth - interstellar travel
interstellar travel

Yes, they are able to travel through multiple star systems at a speed greater than or equal to that of light.

Now that’s something which is considered impossible by us.

“We have to accept the truth. Humans wouldn’t achieve interstellar travel, at least not in the next 10000 years.”

– albert einstein

Now, what does that mean?

Not only are they intelligent, but they are far more advanced than us. But still, being way ahead of us in all aspects, there hasn’t been any instance of alien attacks on our planet, which means that they aren’t here to harm us. Also, they were here this whole time and we weren’t able to trace a single one of their species till date. Why?

Even after multiple evidence proving their existence in different localities on earth, we couldn’t confirm their presence, even with our most advanced technology, we simply couldn’t. 



They didn’t want us to.

That shows how intelligent and manipulative they are. They could literally make anything and everything happens here on earth and leave us wondering how or why it happened?

My friends, asking whether they are intelligent than us is like asking whether the ant will die if the elephant sets its foot on the ant?

aliens on earth
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Extraterrestrial beings are way smarter than we think they are. I hope you got the point!


Well, we could interpret alien invasion onto our planet earth in a number of ways. Most of it would be negative opinions upholding the statement that they are evil and are here to destroy the planet.

aliens on earth
common negative perception towards alien invasion

Random human -” destroy our planet, eh? we don’t need your help for that, we are doing it ourselves.” – facts are facts.

But that’s one way of perceiving the existence of alien life forms on earth, among million other ways to back for their existence. 

But after almost a month’s digging up onto all kinds of space books by prominent authors, we found a specific paragraph in a book named chariot of gods written by  Erich von Däniken that changed our entire perception about alien existence on earth.

The paragraph goes like this, 

What if they are here to help us figure out our true purpose in this universe?

What if by involving themselves in the construction of these stupendous marvels, they left a message or a secret for us to seek and find out?

What if they are trying to tell us something?

So, keeping all the pessimistic opinions aside, if you take a moment and think about it in a positive way, a whole new world of bright possibilities opens up in front of us.

Didn’t get me?

Think about it. The pyramids, the stone-henge, the astounding Mayan knowledge in astronomy, the dogon tribe and all these ancient carvings.

All of the above has a mysterious part for which we couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for or in other words, all have an alien conspiracy lurking around them.

We already did prove the existence of aliens on earth.

So if there was an alien hand in all of the above examples,

Why did they want to become a part of it in the first place?

Were they crazy enough to help us build a huge, useless monument or to impart astronomical knowledge to isolated tribes?

There had to be a reason they did all of these. In his book, the chariot of the gods, the author also mentioned that the best possible explanation to why they are doing all these is that they were trying to communicate something with us. 

the chariots of the gods the alien hand
an eye – gripping ride through the great pyramid of Giza

Read the chariot of the gods here.

All of the above examples, the secret paths within the pyramids that are yet to be discovered, the intricate Mayan architecture that puzzles architects till this date, the sheer work & time it took to build the stone henge, all of these have their own separate shares of mystery within them.

The author says “we may find the reason behind their existence here on earth and the messages they want us to know, once we have unraveled all the mysteries and secrets within these astounding structures made by them.

So the answer to “what do they want from us” is,

They want us to realize/know about something, something which we may have no knowledge about, something that could transform our very perception of the world beyond us, something that could make us question the very reason behind our existence.




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