3 enthralling ancient secrets – Aliens built the great pyramid of Giza

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“How on earth did they make this thing in the first place?”  😦 

the great pyramid of giza close up
Side view – the great pyramid of Giza

 This would be the first question that would come out of every single person on the planet when they come to know of the great pyramid of Giza or see it for the first time in their life!

Just outside Cairo on the Giza Plateau is the most iconic of all ancient monuments, and at 4,500 years old, and rising almost 481 feet into the ancient heavens of the Pharaohs, it is undoubtedly the most enigmatic structure that currently exists on this planet!

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Great Pyramid of Giza by saVRee 3D on Sketchfab

But for anyone who’s seeing it for the first time without being aware of the history & mystery behind the pyramids would probably end up saying –

Well, After all, it’s just a pile of rocks arranged in the form of a pyramid. It’s good to see. But what’s so mysterious or special about it? Why are people going crazy over a huge pile of rocks?”😳



My friend, you are right with the term,” huge pile of rocks.” but each of these rocks weighs 5-30 tons each, and there are 2.5million of them in there!

pyramids stone weight
1 stone – 30 tons
  • Further, all these 2.5million rocks were carried from distances more than hundreds of miles away by humans, with their bare hands and were arranged to form this gigantic structure.
  • And all of this took place back in 2500 BC!


           They were able to build this just 500 years right after the stone age!

  • Just try to imagine a possible answer to how they would accomplish such a herculean task with no machinery and just bare hands in 20 years?
  • How did they manage to pile up those humungous rocks up to 481 feet high?
  • How did they manage to create secret chambers within these pyramids that too with accurate precision?
  • How did they master engineering and advanced technology right after the stone age?

We don’t know! 🤷‍♀️ 

Everything related to the pyramids is a mystery. From the composition of the stones that were used for building the pyramid to the perfect alignment of all the three pyramids to the constellation of Orion. Everything is a MYSTERY!

3 pyramids align exactly with orion belt

Why is it like that?

If these structures were made by man, then why is it we have no answers to how it was made?

Even with our advanced technological innovations, Why is it we are unable to crack the secret behind these pyramids?

We have answers to every other man-made creations in here, except the pyramids. Why? 

What makes them so enigmatic in its design?

We can go on with countless mysteries associated with the pyramids but do we have the answer to any of those mysteries?

No, we simply don’t.


Maybe it was never made by man. 🛸 


That’s the only possible explanation for constructing such an enigmatic yet astounding marvel 500 years right after stone age.

A helping hand from an advanced species. 🛸 

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But, just because we don’t know the secret behind the pyramids, we can’t conclude that aliens built it. 

aliens built the pyramids
were pyramids built by the aliens?

Now that would be absurd!

So here are 2 ancient yet mind-blowing facts related to the pyramids that would surely make you reconsider the relation of ancient Egyptian gods (aliens) with the construction of the pyramids.  🛸 

So grab a coffee, sit back and unravel the secrets behind the pyramids from the ancient era.


Herodotus who’s well known as “the father of history” was a Greek historian who lived between 485BCE – 426BCE.

herodotus - the father of history
Herodotus (the father of history)

He predicted that there exists a lake beneath the pyramid with a sarcophagus of remains of gifts by Osiris, the oldest god of Egypt.

The archaeologists refused to believe him initially. But in 2010, a team of egyptologists along with the famous author “Erich von Daniken” explored the underworld of the pyramids.

As Erich says in his book “the chariot of the gods” –

We went down there through the secret passageway known as the Osiris shaft.

 Almost 33 feet below, there’s a room which is chiseled precisely out of the rocks.

lake inside the great pyramid of giza
sarcophagus (left), Osiris shaft (entrance, middle), the tunnel going downwards (right)

There are 2 small compartments within the room. Out of these 2 compartments, one of them has a sarcophagus that’s made out of black basalt.

(weird fact – basalt is a volcanic material and there are no active volcanoes nearby)

Now there’s a small hole on one end of the sarcophagus through which a single man can pass at a time. 

And once we reached the end of this tunnel, taking the right angle and there we saw a small lake, with crystal clear water, wherein we could see our own reflection, perfectly.

And there, right in the middle of the lake, we saw a sarcophagus, which was partially immersed into the lake. Though there wasn’t anything inside the sarcophagus, his prediction was right.”  😱 

the lake beneath the great pyramid of giza
The lake beneath the great pyramid of Giza


A historian, who never entered the pyramid in his entire life, knew there existed a lake deep beneath the pyramid.

How come that’s possible?

We’re coming into that.

But that’s not just it.

The same historian again predicted that the gods came down to earth 11240 years ago and they helped with the construction of the great pyramid.

alien technology for pyramids
Alien technology

(here gods refer to the extraterrestrials. Ancient Egyptian gods – extraterrestrial beings)

Archaeologists again disagreed with this prediction as to the history of Egypt, according to their estimation, was just 3000BC!. 

They said it was impossible.

But Erich von Daniken strongly believes that Herodotus was right because well, why not?

Herodotus was someone who confirmed the existence of an object 86 feet deep beneath the pyramid, without entering the gigantic structure.

Herodotus also mentioned in his books, that he had gained the knowledge about the great pyramid of Giza from the works written by Enoch, who was the 7th patriarch before the great flood.


Were you able to crack the secret from the above sentence?  🤔 

If not, don’t call yourself an observer from now on. 😁

If you’ve read “the chariot of the gods” by Erich von Daniken, there’s a sentence in it stating –

“the pyramids must have been constructed before the great flood. They knew the flood is coming. They also knew the pyramids could survive it.”

the great flood
The great flood

This claim was laid on the basis of the confirmation made by Herodotus that he knew about the pyramids from the works of Enoch.

Okay, enough of all that ancient historic facts, how on earth is any of these slightly related to extraterrestrial involvement?

The point – 

 Herodotus knew of the pyramids from the books written by Enoch, and Enoch lived between 3378BCE – 3013BCE. 3000BCE marked the end of stone-age which lasted for around 3.4 million years. Humans in the Near East were just getting started with metalworks and making tools and weapons from bronze by that time.

the stone age end
The stone – age (artist’s illustration)

How do you expect a kid, who’s struggling to keep a balance of himself while pedaling a cycle to learn astrophysics in a single night and launch a spaceship to mars the very next day?


How will you justify the absurd statement that humans who were just getting used to primitive tools and metals, built a gigantic 150m tall pyramid, with accurate precision throughout its interior, align exactly with the belt of Orion and face north?

It’s ridiculous!



From whom?

We don’t know.

What we do know is that the primitive people could have never done this alone, ever! They had help. From someone not amongst them, and we’d like to call such beings with one name.

You know it!  🛸

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Google the query “who built the great pyramid of Giza” and you’ll get an answer – “HEMIUNU”

This person named Hemiunu built the great pyramid of Giza for the 4th dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. Well, that’s what google says. But, is that right?

Let’s take a look at what history has in store for us.

Now, this pharaoh named Khufu is also known as Cheops.

pharoah khufu  built the pyramids
Pharaoh Khufu AKA Cheops

Erich von Däniken points out that the only reason we believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built for Cheops during the 4th dynasty is because of that cartouche, which was likely faked.

He also points out that a sarcophagus containing the pharaoh, Khufu, has never been found at that site.

Also, the methods of construction that mainstream archeology asserts were feasible for constructing the pyramids at that time are highly unlikely.

Most historians who ascribe to the dominant narrative of Khufu having built the Great Pyramid, refer to the writings of the Greek historian, Herodotus, who traveled to Egypt and recorded accounts of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

But, Diodorus Siculus, a Greek historian of that era, discounts Herodotus’ claim that the pyramid was built by Cheops.

Diodorus Siculus

Von Däniken looks to an account by an ancient Arabian historian named Al-Maqrizi who writes that the great pyramid was known to have been built by a king who lived before the great flood named Saurid.

King Saurid, was more commonly known in Hebrew as Enoch. Von Däniken says he believes that, in preparation for the great flood, Enoch constructed the pyramids to protect biblical texts for future generations to discover.

enoch - the actual builder of the great pyramid of giza
Enoch AKA Saurid

He says that the construction of the pyramids was thanks to the technology of the advanced beings whom Enoch was in contact with and whom he later left with.

Whether one agrees with this theory or not, it is difficult to explain the level of precision to which the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, using the primitive means of the civilizations known at that time.

To this day, new discoveries are being made within the pyramids, like underground tunnels, lakes, and never-before-seen sarcophagi.

One of the more astounding engineering feats of the Great Pyramid can be found in the alignment of the tunnels leading to the chambers with certain constellations. The three pyramids are thought to be representative of the three stars on Orion’s belt. There are also shafts leading to the chambers in the pyramid, which align with Orion’s belt on one side and the Sirius star system on the other.

What was the significance of these star systems, aside from their prominence in the night sky? Could these have been the star systems where the extraterrestrial visitors originated from (similar to the story of Sirius Star aliens by the Dogon Tribe of Africa) and where Enoch was taken to before the great flood?

Everything about the pyramids might remain a mystery forever,


One thing that we can say for sure –

Whoever helped the ancient Egyptians, in building these enigmatic structures, had access to advanced technology and engineering strategies that makes us stay awestruck even today!

They were smart. Way smarter than us. So if they helped with the pyramids, it wouldn’t be for some pharaoh to rest after their life. They did this for a higher purpose to be fulfilled.

The only purpose we can think of here, and the only one that sounds logical is that deep within the pyramids, there are 1000’s of biblical texts written by Enoch that would be of supreme importance in the future of mankind.

ancient biblicial texts under the pyramid
Biblical texts written by Enoch that lies hidden underneath the great pyramid of Giza

History tells us Enoch was contacted by the extra-terrestrials and were taught about worldly phenomenon.

enoch contacted by the aliens
Enoch was abducted and taught by the extraterrestrials.

He inscribed all that he knew, into what we may call as timeless relics.

They lie hidden, deep beneath the darkest chambers of the great pyramid, waiting for the right one to unravel it all!

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